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Piano, Soundscapes, Albums, Concert & Entertainment Music. Inspirational Music from the Rocky Mountains

Music of the Heart and Mind
Complete Catalogue of Albums:

Located on the edge of the wilderness Allan's "Lyftwyn" studio is a constant source of new music and compositions, videos and paintings.

See Whats New! Fresh Music from the studio: New tracks, videos and art  done just for  fun!
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Concerts and Events

Original music played in an improvisatory style, always fresh and integrated with the audience. Allan is interactive and inclusive, and will create new extempore music on the spot as requested from listeners.  No two performances are the same! House concerts, main stages, and impromptu venues are all great.  He has excellent digital gear when no piano is available.

Music Licensing

All of the hundreds of music tracks are available to be used in other works. Over the decades Allan has licensed tracks for TV shows, videos, games, re-mixes, and film. He has created tracks directly to film as well, and filled producers specific requests. Through his ASCAP publisher Green Shadow Music, any use right can be arranged. Contact Allan directly to inquire.

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Music For Entertainment

Many thousands of engagements have been performed, from Portland Oregon to St. Petersburg Russia. Allan gauges the audience, and draws on his large and flexible repertoire.

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