Inspirational music of the Rocky Mountains and nature, featuring  piano, soundscapes, electronica and classical ensembles, and sounds of nature. Music to inspire the intellect and the heart.

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Colours is extempore piano performing a series of pieces used in an art film. Each piece describes the specific impression of a color. 

Yellow .mp3Allan Stuart
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Headwaters .mp3Allan Stuart
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Fireside Dreams

These Soundscapes combine new classical compositions, with nature sounds and electronica. Piano is featured, but the string parts are very important as well.  Themes are whimsical, meditative, funny, and a bit serious too. 




Mountains Of The Heart

These piano pieces are largely inspired by geographical beauty in general, and the experience of being in the high country of the Southern Rockies in particular.  Positive and hopeful music to inspire the heart and stimulate the intellect.


Vail To Vale.mp3Allan Stuart
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Yuletide Rose

   Yuletide Rose is Whimsy and Humour, Heart and Home. It has a joyful exuberance and a giving of thanks.  An expansive interpretation of Holiday music  including many old but less well known instrumental carols. For Christmas and beyond.


Come A Wassailing.mp3Allan Stuart
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From The Summit        

There is a place within us, where the heart and the intellect meet, where we experience the incredible lightness of being, where we are inspired by the wonders of the world and our place in it.   This piano music describes the incredible beauty of the Rocky Mountains, expressions of what the heart feels, and what words fail to say.


From the Summit.mp3Allan Stuart
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The Far View    

   The People, the Animals, the Sky and the Wind, the Rainbows and the Storms- There is no place in the whole wide world like the San Luis Valley. I find that music can fill the mind when no words can describe the beauty.


Cranes Dancing.mp3Allan Stuart
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ToneScapes and Enos 

Enrich your mind, stimulate your heart and inspire your soul with these deep thematic electronica instrumental pieces filled with sonic thrills, spills, and chills.

There are no limits to the imagination, no barrier to the heart in ToneScapes and Enos.

Tango Gothic.mp3Allan Stuart
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This music is about living in the Rocky Mountains, or any beautiful place, where epiphanies of nature’s beauty overcomes the senses. Those quiet, still moments when it all comes together. When the voices of your heart rise up to blend in harmony with the wonders of nature- that’s what Pastorales are about.

Simple Things.mp3Allan Stuart
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Explain Yourself.mp3Allan Stuart
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Orcas is short for Orchestrated Music- But since Orcas are very musical creatures, and very intelligent, it’s an excellent mascot for what this collection is about. Many of these pieces were designed to do for the music industry, but the thematic and inspirational ideas are very expressive,and stand alone as works of art. 


PianoGrooves and Instrumental Pop     

     The Piano is a truly wonderful artifact of western culture- and worldwide culture, as great pianos are built worldwide. These pieces feature piano in pop ensembles with bass and drums, as well as other pop instrumental combinations.

Swift.mp3Allan Stuart
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Orca Express

Orca Express is where the heart and the mind meet. Music filled with themes that inspire your thinking while enriching your emotions. This is not movie or game stuff, but real compositions with depth and insight. Every time you listen, your mind and heart will hear new ideas that you can make your own.

Pavonna (Orca 8) 320Allan Stuart
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Quiet Mountain

This is ‘active’ meditation music. It has a trance like quality while being intellectually engaging. It is interactive, it stimulates your imagination while your emotions are soothed and healed. There are piano solos, nature sounds with music, and choice small ensembles.

Creekside (Pastoral 11)Allan Stuart
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Twilight ToneScapes

  It’s the place between the day & the night: Twilight, the blue glowing time where our minds dwell on the ambient natures of life. These Tonescapes are an accompaniment for that time, when you can let your imagination go down the those seldom followed paths in your mind. 

Journey (ToneScpae 18)Allan Stuart
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Into The Fog

Avant Garde pieces blend with jazz remixes to lead us all onward, Into The Fog.  The album features compositions that have been featured in Phillip Glass festivals.

Night HornAllan Stuart
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