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Blue Waters

We've been spending time in northern Ohio, near Lake Erie. I've never been east of Kansas for more than a night or two, so it is being an interesting, water filled experience. It's the "Land of Sky Blue Waters" for sure. We've lived for 30 years in Saguache County, Colorado, and it's said the word saguache (sawatch) is derived from a native phrase for "blue water".

So, here are the nine tracks of "Blue Waters"- contemplative, peaceful, and intellectually engaging. For the first time, I recorded extempore music on a digital device, and used the finest Steinway samples I could find.

Let me know if you like the Steinway! I'm in process deciding whether to make a move to all digital recording. I love my Star, my 7'4" Samick that I maintain with deep devotion. I must say though, sessioning without having to tune constantly was a joy. I hope you hear some joy in this collection!

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