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Colours                           Why Colours 

   I met Angela and Ronnie Hague while playing at the Windsor Hotel in Del Norte, Colorado.  Ronnie, known as Adobe Man, built the most wonderful Santa Fe/Italian Renaissance  studio/home outside of Creede. Angie makes beautiful art there, teaches others, and together, they share a most colorful vision of the world.

    Angie has hundreds of stunning paintings; she needed a method of showcasing them to galleries abroad. We decided to make a movie of them. With basically no experience, I filmed 96 canvases in her studio, and made them into a simple 26 minute movie. She organized them into color chapters,  and because I love her art, I recorded music for each chapter. The result was charming, we were all taken by the power of her art with the music, and the simplicity of the presentation. It was so much fun, I kept recording different ‘colours’, until there was a full album. 


                                                  The Extempore Method

  Each piece was created in the extempore method. The composition occurred in the music brain while sitting at the instrument; generally each piece has two themes that were developed and interwoven, though there was variation and room for inspiration. The subject matter was meditated upon, in this case the emotive impression of each colour. The music was developed on the spot, and generally recorded within a few minutes. Sometimes, more than one take was done, but much of the music just flowed immediately. In all, no more than twelve hours was spent in the studio.

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