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This music is about living in the Rocky Mountains, or any beautiful place, where epiphanies of nature’s beauty overcomes the senses.  

    Those quiet, still moments when it all comes together. When the voices of your heart rise up to blend in harmony with the wonders of nature- that’s what Pastorales are about. “Slumgullion” describes the impact of crossing one of the rockies highest passes, and suddenly seeing the peaks of the Sawtooth chain, rising like a wall, before descending into Lake City. “Crestone Needle” is a meditation on the best way to climb. 

    “Moonrise”, Sunset” Rainbows”, depict the magic moment that seems to last forever. When the natural cycle of day and night, storm and calm, arrest your heart and engage your mind, to wonder about the incredible lightness of being.

     This is music to engage the intellect, sooth the soul, and inspire the imagination. Enrich yourself with this, contemplate the beauties of life. 

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