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Atlantic Fusion "Meet Me At The Bridge

Atlantic Fusion is a collaboration between Nigel Sanders in Essex, UK and Allan Stuart in Colorado. This album

” Meet Me At The Bridge” is a wonderful synchronicity between two veteran musicians that’s all about the music. Sometimes Nigel recorded drum grooves, and Allan would add bass, piano, and synths. Other times Allan would send Nigel a chart, or a bass & keyboard idea, and Nigel would add and enhance with percussion. Each composed based on the other’s ideas, and the inherent composition would grow out of the synergy of those ideas. It has been a simple, creative, and growing garden of ever expanding musical blossoms. Mostly, Allan and Nigel love the act of creating, and hope that the listeners will share the love.


Elegant M "Revealed"
     'Chamber Jazz'

All songs written by Allan Stuart (music & lyrics) and Maricke Schuurs (lyrics) unless otherwise noted.
Arrangements are a collaboration of
Maricke Schuurs, lead vocals;

Allan Stuart, piano, keyboards & vocals
Tony Johnson, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, flute;
Terry Takahashi, basses
Connor Hopkins, drums & percussion.
In Chamber Jazz, each band member contributes his or her musical instincts and style to the project, so that the end result is a composite of the group input rather than the vision of one person.
Recorded at Fox Hollow in Eugene Oregon, mixed & mastered by Allan and Tony.

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