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Symphonas and Incidentals

   This is music with heart, intellect, and spiritual meaning with full orchestras and chamber ensembles- for the thinking person, on a quest to live a fulfilled life.

    Composed and recorded much like movie music, Symphonas and Incidentals are accompaniments for life. Music is truly food for the mind, and like food for the body, has a direct effect on a persons well being. This is music, that when consumed, nourishes the heart and mind, and stimulates the listeners creativity. These pieces will encourage you to explore your own self expression.

   The Incidentals are rich in thematic material, sometimes dark and restless as in #14, sometimes poignant and bittersweet, as in #13. #12 is sublime; expressing fulfillment and heartfelt love of the beauties of nature. 

    The Symphonas are neoclassical in design, with rich themes that stir the imagination. There is seeking, striving, and triumph, evolving through the emotional orchestral landscape. Mal De Mere is an unsettled response to questionable circumstance, and On The Road To Capulin is an idealized  trip to an heavenly destination. 

     I’m not a recording artist with a big personal agenda- I don’t really care if I’m personally popular or well known. It’s the music that’s important- an artist’s role is to create art that resonates with peoples imaginations, and inspires them to do inspired things. Being famous is not a worthy goal, but being inspirational to other people is golden. 

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