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PianoGrooves and Instrumental Pop     

     The Piano is a truly wonderful artifact of western culture- and worldwide culture, as great pianos are built worldwide. The technology is old and new; casting the harp, aging the hard rock maple for pin blocks, the careful crafting of string length and diameter, or finding the right spruce for the soundboard. And the design and construction has improved dramatically since the 19th century. Today there is computer modeling and truly precise measurement: the best pianos ever made are being made today.

       When I finally acquired a concert instrument in my studio, it was a great day. And still is: this album is a collection of piano driven pieces with pop ensembles and themes. Inspirational in concept, and from the heart in execution, expressing intellectual and emotional themes common to all.

        From the enigmatic “Swift” to the exuberance of “Desert Spring”, to the profound undertones of “The Return”, the piano has much to say. “Game Showtime”, is a rock spoof on Wheel Of Fortune, while “Special Delivery” explores a bit of angst, like waiting for the mail. Included are a few non piano pop pieces, like the french style “Dab’le” and the latin-esque “Pinon Nutz”, the childlike “Lady Bug Flying”, and the solo piano piece “Life Is A River”.

        Music with heart, music with passion, and with intellectual stimulation- That’s what I aim for.

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