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Fireside Dreams

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Fireside Dreams

These Soundscapes combine new classical compositions, with nature sounds and electronica. Piano is featured, but the string parts are very important as well.


Themes are whimsical, meditative, funny, and a bit serious too. 

    Quern is based on a real recording of the Devil's Churn on the Oregon coast. A most dynamic, and very loud place. 

   On The Pond gives a lead role to the tiny tree frogs that my wife and I lived next to for a fews years. They would chorus in the night, one would start, then the gang would chime in, then all would fall silent. A mysterious amphibian dialogue…

   Headwaters, the first trickle, the place where every river starts. They're all just small at the beginning.

   Descendency is influenced by Phillip Glass, and was featured in a live performance by myself and bassist Terry Takahashi in a tribute concert to the Maestro in 2012. This version is mitigated with strings and electronica

   My favorite in concept is Born To Run. Have you ever seen a new born antelope? They hit the ground, and just sort of quiver in anticipation……

   Slight Drizzle reflects an aspect of life in the Pacific Northwest, sometimes, a study in brown.

   Thirteen Sundays is about that comforting sameness of being next to the fire, being warm, and being still.

   And finally, Winterview is about Long's Peak in Colorado's Front

Range. A colossal mountain that often gets overlooked, but is one of the most scenic, both when one is on it, and when one sees it from below.

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