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       Orcas is short for Orchestrated Music- But since Orcas are very musical creatures, and very intelligent, it’s an excellent mascot for what this collection is about

       Many of these pieces were originally designed to do underscore work in the music industry, but the thematic and inspirational ideas are very expressive. They stand alone as works of art, with intellectual meaning and emotional force that resonate with the heart and mind of the listener. 

        Humour and chagrin are heard in “Explain Yourself”, while “Pavonna” has Fairies dancing to it.

“Moments Of Truth” dramatically describes the realization of a hidden reality. “Silver Lining” reminds to look for the positive outgrowth of what at first seems trouble. My favorite is “Yellow Love”, a gentle paean of quiet reflection on the bounties of Love. The piano solo “View Of Long’s Peak” is included because it’s lovely, and, and Longs is my favorite fourteener. 

        As with all the music I make, I want to encourage all listeners to be inspired, do better, create joy and meaning in their lives and of all those they live with.

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