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Mountains Of The Heart

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Mountains Of The Heart

These pieces are largely inspired by geographical beauty in general, and the experience of being in the high country of the Southern Rockies in particular.  There are some very personal exceptions; Not Forsaken is an anthem of support and redemption, The New Land is a requiem for my Mother, Rainwash is about experiencing a western Oregon winter, while thinking about Rocky Mountain sunshine.

     Mounts Massive and Quandry are about the 14er's specifically, while Vail to Vale describes driving from Vail, Colorado to Vale, Oregon without stopping. Quiet Town is about late night Monte Vista, in the San Luis Valley. Going Home is a return to the cherished high country home of the heart. Silent Night, based on the carol, is really a meditation on the winter night sky. And Eternal Light, which is a bit overly ambitious, describes that lift to the soul in the clear high altitude sunlight, shimmering and blazing all around, that lightens life for everyone.

      Three tracks are multi-handed; 8 in Eternal Light,  6 each in Going Home and Silent Night. Quiet Town, Not Forsaken, and The New land are scored pieces, all others are extempore. All are improvisational in the performance. 

       Everything was recorded on a 7'4" german designed Korean built piano nicknamed "Star", because it sounds so clear, like starlight. Having a big piano, for an itinerate musician, is analogous to a cowboy with his horse - you always have to make sure it's taken care of first, and moving it around requires a trailer. So, my piano has a name like a horse, and I love it like a horse; I tune it and tweak it,  vacuum it out and dust it constantly, like grooming and taking care of the hooves. Fortunately, Star doesn't need any hay. 

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