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Currently, I have paintings in the FAVA Gallery and the Verite Gallery in Oberlin, Ohio. Also, I have a canvas featured in the Elysium International Exhibition:
Elysium - 2024 - Poster - - Allan Stuart Heltzel.jpg

   I grew up in Boulder, and learned about art, music, living in peace, working hard, being a good citizen, and respecting others in that wonderful town. I’ve spent the equivalent of many years camping, back packing, jeeping, fishing, skiing, and watching the wild animals. I learned about oils from my Mother and the CU Art faculty, and music from my Father and the CU Music faculty.  
  Where art lives, breathes, and becomes its own reality is the imaginarium we all share. It is where whimsy becomes visceral and mainstream, and contributes to shared reality.
     There are several threads of imagination in my art catalogue including mushrooms, mountains, wild animals, fantastic figures, and abstracts. All are oils, basic and colorful, mounted in utility frames ready to hang.
     Information, biographies, reviews, art, lots of music, and more whimsy are all available at

Mushrooms & More

Bear 18, Gold 8x8.JPG

Wild Friends



Colorful Abstracts


Ohio Things

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