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ToneScapes and Enos

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ToneScapes And Enos     

    Enrich your mind, stimulate your heart and inspire your soul with these rich thematic electronica instrumental pieces filled with sonic thrills, spills, and chills.

     There are no limits to the imagination, no barrier to the heart in ToneScapes and Enos. Enos are named for famed composer/musician Brian Eno, a trailblazer of the Ambient Music movement. They are carefully composed, rich in thematic ideas with intellectually stimulating rhythmic and melodic combinations.

     “Show Me How Now” is enigmatic and dark, with rays of sunshine; See the stars listening to “Stellar”; join the enchantment in “Fairy Circle”. 

       ToneScapes are electronica played live in the tradition of Hans Zimmer and Kitaro. Each piece was crafted extempore, created in the studio. A favorite is “Tango Gothic”, with a strong groove and ghostly dancers. Fly the space ways with “Vogon Love”, and stand on the cosmic brink listening to “Chasm”.

         All this Ambient music stimulates the thinking mind to create new images and thoughts. Make the musical meaning of each track your own. Allow your imagination free rein to create new fresh ideas that you can take to enhance your life. Paint a picture, write a story, shine your own light upon the world. Creativity is best shared, ideas bounced back and forth to grow a new gestalt of creative community. 

          As with all the music I write and record, it’s not about me but about the music itself and what it can do for the listeners. Composers and performers come and go, and though we like to aggrandize them and their personalities, the most important thing they do is create music that can be shared with listeners. It’s an honour and a privilege to be involved in the process, and I humbly thank all who listen.

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