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   It’s the place between the day & the night: Twilight, the blue glowing time where our minds dwell on the ambient natures of life. These Tonescapes are an accompaniment for that time, when you can let your imagination go down the those seldom followed paths in your mind.  

    Life, minute to minute, is filled with a range of experience, emotion, and intellectual challenges. The music and art we add to our lives can be rich and fulfilling. Twilight ToneScapes will stimulate your imagination, and provide themes for carrying on with the tasks and pleasures of everyday living.Much of life is lived in the Twilight- the enigmatic place we are at when between events, so to speak. This is music for those times: hopeful, intriguing, but realistic about the real situations of life. Find solace, encouragement, and new ideas with these thoughtful, emotional and stimulating explorations of Twilight.

   Sometimes ambient, sometimes structured with themes, Twilight ToneScapes is more than film or game music. The instrumental themes are fully composed in classic style, with modern ideas blending modern electronica with real instruments. Rather than a film, or a game, this music will accompany your life.

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