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The winds of the west are arbitrary, and undeniable. when the Chinook blows down off of the mountains toward the plains, it dominates everything.

The music in this collection is Avant Garde and Ambient. Three pieces; Ants, Bees, and Wasps, have scores and can be performed by live percussion ensembles. They  are very Avant. Some others like Peek, Key Genie, and Swing are Ambient, originally done as accompaniment for spoken word. Better Not Move To Texas, Matt's New Drumkit, and La Garita Pita are written for jazz quartet, also scored out.

The track Chinook is a gem- I can't re-create the mix, it was done a few years ago, and can't be made any better.

Music like this may seem like it has no place in the listening public's world. I can see that point of view. However, if we don't push the envelope a bit, we won't innovate both musically and in life. If we don't innovate, we stagnate. 

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