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From The Summit

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From The Summit        

There is a place within us, where the heart and the intellect meet, where we experience the incredible lightness of being, where we are inspired by the wonders of the world and our place in it.   This music describes the incredible beauty of the Rocky Mountains, expressions of what the heart feels, and what words fail to say.

       It seems my brother and I grew up in the back of a Willy’s Jeep. We were camping almost continuously. Our Father was always drawn to the next ridge, the next drainage, the next good fishing. We travelled every jeep road in the high country, seeing all the vistas and fishing all the creeks.

       These pieces are specific impressions of places in the mountains, both from those childhood days and later adventures. 

        The Rivers: Apishapa, Rio Grande, the Crystal and the Dolores 

        The Places: Arches National Monument, The Wind River Range, The Red Desert, Coney Flats and Carrizo Gulch.

         The People: Cloud City (Leadville), State Bridge, and the View of Hunt’s Peak from our Mother’s window.

          This is the first CD album I ever made, playing a beautiful concert Steinway. It was such a thrill! And, I still like it. From The Summit is dedicated to our Father, Don “Slim” Heltzel. 

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