Fresh from the Studio :

Downtempo Ambient Covers,

I had a producer request from London for some different takes on John Prine songs and some Led Zeppilin.  I went down tempo, simple, ambient, and let the memories of the artists, and the songs place in history, be my guide

AngelAllan Stuart
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Paradise Allan Stuart
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ShennendoahAllan Stuart
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Here's one I wrote for my friend and collaborator Jackson Dalton, budding artist and game developer.....

Alien Lullaby Allan Stuart
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Stairway Allan Stuart
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GrooveScapes, a new catalogue thread aimed at gamers and other youtube types. The idea is to make a composition with no tonal thematic ideas, but rather depend on rhythmic relationships
GrooveScape 3 Allan Stuart
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GrooveScape 4 Allan Stuart
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GrooveScape 2 Allan Stuart
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GrooveScape 1Allan Stuart
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Here is "Hummingbirds", the start of a collaboration with poet Kate Booth. Kate has been an active outdoorswoman in the San Juans for many decades. She writes about the wonders of the Rio Grande and the surrounding mountains. Our collaboration will feature Kate's poetry accompanied by soundScapes and piano extempore. The reading is by Carrie Heltzel.

Hummingirds Allan, Kate & Carrie
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I love making music about specific peaks in the Rockies. Here's "Crestone Needle", a recent piece describing the unique peak in the Sangre De Cristos- imagine you are at the base, trying to decide on the best path to the summit. It is included on the "Pastorales" album. 

Crestone NeedleAllan Stuart
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Here's Some Art from the "Not Ready For Prime Time" Gallery 
Mountains Of The Heart
Fields Of Gold
Quiet Mountain
Into The Fog.jpg
Into The Fog
Fireside Dreams
Orca Express