Fresh from the Studio :

Here is "Hummingbirds", the start of a collaboration with Poet Kate Booth. Kate has been an active outdoorswoman in the San Juans for many decades. She writes about the wonders of the Rio Grande and the surrounding mountains. Our collaberation will feature Kate's Poetry accompanied by SoundScapes and Piano extempore. The reading is by Carrie Heltzel.

I Love making music about specific peaks in the Rockies. Here's "Crestone Needle", a recent piece describing the unique peak in the Sangre De Cristos- imagine you are at the base, trying to decide on the best path to the summit. It is included on the "Pastorales" album. 

Earlier in the Millenium my wife and I had to leave the High country for employment. "The Return" is a description of our joy at being able to come home. It is included on the album "PianoGrooves and Instrumental Pop".

This new piece describes one of the most beautiful scenic drives across the Divide. From "Slumgullion" Pass, before dropping into Lake City, the views are stunning. One can see Pikes Peak to the east, and Utah to the west. It is included on the "Pastorales" album.

"Swift" describes driving a lonely road across the Great Basin in the dark hours of the night, anticipating a safe arrival as the sun rises. Something for those of us who travel alone through the long watches of the night. Find it on the PianoGrooves and Instrumental Pop album.

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