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    I love to cover the Rat Pack: Sinatra and the gang, plus Mel Torme and Tony Bennett. There’s a lot of other vintage jazz and pop that’s less famous but still very recognizable, including songs by Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, and host of others. I still do what I think of as “baby boomer pop”, covering Elton John, Billy Joel, Beatles, and other favorites from the 60’s-80’s. Add in some Jobim and other latin hits, throw in some Country, and the show is complete.

    Instrumentally, I met and played for Andrew Lloyd Webber, so count on Phantom and Evita as favorites. I go deep on classic Broadway, and add more vintage jazz and pop, as well as tons from the American Songbook.

     For weddings and events, I do all the standard music, with some surprising twists. If I don’t already know it, I will learn specific music for Brides, that special first dance, and  favorites for reunions and banquets. 

     For corporate events and large gatherings, my sound system is excellent for large coverage without being loud. There’s a technique, learned through thousands of engagements, for ‘pitching’ the music at just the right volume to allow conversation everywhere while still hearing the music.

     I can’t say enough about how helpful deep experience is for getting the music right. I draw on many thousands of engagements in all the kinds of settings. I make the music fit the venue and occasion. 

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