In The Pocket

In The Pocket Duo MedleyIn The Pocket Duo
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I'm Through With LoveIn The Pocket Trio
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DindiIn The Pocket Trio
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Call, text, or email:

Jeffrey Oso Kennisin: (720) 690-4958 


Allan Stuart: (719) 849-5146


      When experienced musicians get together, great things happen. In The Pocket features Drummer Jeffrey ‘Oso’ Kennisin joining Allan Stuart to create a full sounding duo. Between the two, they have played over 20,000 engagements, every kind of stage and venue, and most genres of popular music.

      In The Pocket is focusing on vintage jazz and improv, but can cross over to pop, blues, some rock, and even Broadway music. The Duo provides a full sound with a small footprint, fitting in even small rooms, and is good for dancing, main stage, or quiet listening.  

       The ensemble lives in the high Rockies of Colorado, and serves all of the state and northern New Mexico. They will happily travel the globe, as they have in the past, for performances. 

      In The Pocket can expand easily into a trio, quartet, or quintet. As it gets bigger, so does the sound. Additional players add guitar and sax, diversifying the music- great for festivals and large venues. Ask Allan or Oso what sized group would be best for your venue.

       To see the repertoire, go to Allan’s ‘Entertainment Playlist’. There are a lot of tunes there, and even more that haven’t been added yet. Feel free, when inquiring, to request favorites to be performed at your event.

        Allan, Oso, and their partners, are dedicated to the fun and enrichment that music brings to any event or public venue. Add the excitement of live music from the best.