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Collection includes:
-Oil Paintings of our Wild Friends: Bear, Elk, Bighorns, Mountain Lions, and more.
-Color and Articulated Abstracts
-Mountains and Landscapes
For Gallery & Venues:

I have paintings hanging in various venues, and am always excited to have paintings in new spaces! The pricing shown here is retail, starting at $70 for 9" x 9".  All works are consigned at 50%.

I'm dedicated to whimsy, fantasy, and fun, as well as underlying meaning, hidden concepts, and the true nature of the universe. I'm not interested in narcissism, competition, ideologies, or organized agendas of almost any kind.

I like one on one relationships, and think the universe is made up of infinite casual relationships between everything. I mean everything: rocks, air molecules, ants, asteroids, trees, your mother, Betelgeuse- everything! It's all alive in some way or other, and all interactive. And we live right in the middle of it, and really try to embrace the universe more holistically, there is no limit to what we can become.

That's what I like to paint and compose music about.

Questions or comments? text or email me at:
(719) 849-5146
All paintings are mounted in wood frames that allow easy handling and shipping. They are easily removed for mounting in frames of your choice. 
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